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Studies and Assessments

Considering converting an existing building to a performance space?  Planning a renovation of an old space?  We can provide a fast high-level overview of the obstacles and opportunities so you can thoroughly vet the idea before raising hopes and setting fundraising goals that don’t meet the needs.  We have studied gyms, movie theatres, churches, warehouses and other non-performance buildings to determine the scope of services and resources needed to bring them to life as performance spaces


If your organization is planning a new performing arts complex we can work with your financial and management planning consultant to provide realistic estimates of square footage and equipment needs.

We partner with Architects, Owners, and Arts and Cultural planners in the development of large- and small-scale cultural arts centers.  We provide the team with the specific space planning information needed to ground the planned facility in reality as to square footage, systems, and support spaces needed for the planned activities.  We have provided similar services for AMS Planning & Research, AlbertHall & Associates, and a broad range of architects and owners.

Studies and Assessments: Services
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