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Rose has authored a number of industry articles for a variety of industry publications.  You can read all her insights here. 

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Potty Parity

Understanding Sightlines in a Raked

Floor Facility

Good sightlines are an absolute requirement for a good audience experience, but they are often given little consideration in early planning.  This primer on vertical and horizontal sightlines for live performance venues explains it all for you.

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Specialty Contractors and Project Budgets
SightlineSection SK-2 SECTION (1).jpg
Understanding Sitelines

Potty Parity in the Performing Arts

Potty Parity-1.jpg

This article is an examination of the challenge of managing restroom lines and building code limitations in performing arts venues.  It includes some ideas for improvements in how we determine the appropriate number of toilets in a modern, and increasingly gender-fluid society.  Published in Facilities Magazine by July/Aug 2020 issue.

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The Shows Must Go On

Public school facilities, funded with public money, are often bound by bond language long before architects and consultants are hired to design the building.  Early planning for specialty buildings - theatres – will result in a space better suited to the school’s needs.  This article suggests planning opportunities.  Published by American School & University magazine in March 2021.

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The Shows Must Go On.png
Building Costs Web.jpg

Specialty Consultants and Project Budgets

Specialty consultants are often accused of driving up costs.  What we actually do is provide realistic information on equipment needed and real-world costs in place of vague assumptions.  Read the attached article for details.

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What is a Blackbox?

Black box is one of the many terms to describe a flexible or reconfigurable space, but architects, owners, and users may have very different understandings of its capabilities.  Click on the photo for a discussion of the many elements which may be included in these spaces, and some of the attendant pros and cons.

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Photog credit: Mark Bosclair

What is a Blackbox
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